Entelequias (Entelechies) | Pedregal de Santo Domingo, Mexico City| April 9th, 2011

The folly of pointing out that reality is not a consumed and immovable fact took me to organize “Entelequias”, an intervention that is part of the project Santocho Querido. The objective of the project is to put together micro stories that remind us the human ability of making your own, in a physical and symbolic way, the urban space through the collective organization. I took as a main axis the Pedregal de Santo Domingo, a popular neighborhood located in the south part of Mexico City, funded after an illegal invasion of the lands and developed through self- construction. During all the project I have collected stories of people who migrated, invaded the lands and got organized to build their houses, their streets, their legends. This material helped me to develop “Entelequias”. During the intervention, some collaborators and I gave away some printed t- shirts with the history of the neighborhood, in exchange for the people to tell us the story of how they invaded their lands and built the area.

At the same time we gave away postcards with the question: “What would you change of Santo Domingo?” The neighbors wrote their answers on the postcard, gave them back to us and took an empty postcard home. In one side of the postcard the map of the neighborhood was printed and in the other side the history of some streets. Among the answers there were two extremes: from the angry man who complained shouting the impossibility of changing reality- and our lack of authority to say the opposite-, to the lady who, happily, told us that she would frame the t- shirt because it was part of her history. The game of these extremes makes the difference of recognizing ourselves, or not, as active subjects of our own future, a disturbing situation if we take into account that in our interpretation of the past there are narratives that explain our relation with the environment. Re- making continuously the stories about Santo Domingo is to remember that we are active agents in our reality, and that this is manageable even when the tiresome of our daily life tells us the other way.