Archivo General de Negación (General Archive of Denial) | Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, Mexico City | June 16, 2011

Archivo General de Negación “General Archive of Denial” (AGN). The representatives of the AGN start the plenary session to present their official website. Their arguments about the use of the media as a tool at a national level intensify gradually until they explode in an euphoric protest.

Finally, hooded up, they propose to collapse the system through unconscionable creation of concepts and images. The AGN hijacks the image and official design of the Mexican President’s office to legitimize images an concepts aloof of the state discourse. The idea of the project is to garner the mediatic strategies of the state to question the demagogic representations that  their dictatorial project systematically conditions and reproduces. Its work consists in creating a virtual archive of images and videos of popular creation questioning the mediatic discourse of the elites that hold power in the Mexico State.

This is an effort to diversify spaces of reflection around the current system of economic exploitation and their multiple simulations of political and social entitlement. It seeks to be a game that questions the construction of a media created reality, while exposing the current environment of repression in our country. As we see the fundamental right of freedom of expression crack.